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1stBuddy.com is dedicated to helping people locate new individuals to develop and interact together as a single unit so they are able to help each other, thus creating a new buddy.

When we speak of a buddy that does not mean necessarily a romantic encounter. We are referring to finding a new buddy, whether that is a male to female relationship of male to male or female to female friends.

In business, often employers place an experienced worker with a new worker and form a buddy system to help accomplish the task at hand faster and more efficiently.

Buddies often have the same likes and even through not a family member are turned to in time of crisis.


However, buddies are not only needed in time of crisis. Often people seek a buddy to go on a trip, start a diet, work out together, and thousands of other events that people feel more secure or happier when accomplishing with at least one or more persons.

A buddy, often referred to as a friend or partner, is when two or more people have supportive behavior between persons and often involves mutual knowledge, esteem, affection and respect.

Technically speaking, a common usage of the term buddy refers to an individual you interact with occasionally with the same common goal, but not to the same level as a friend. Honestly, this technical definition sounds to us like a very fine line to determine between buddies and friends and almost impossible to know when it is crossed.


Within this web site you will find ways to locate a buddy and hopefully increase the quality of your and their life on a daily basis.  Please click on the image below to enter this site.

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